Terms of Website Use

Welcome to australianshrimptrader.com

This is a free site for all Australian based aquarists to auction, buy, sell, trade or just generally discuss aquarium related topics.

Feel free to participate in auctions and chats etc within the site and please abide by our rules and regulations otherwise you will be dealt with accordingly.

Please note admins/moderators are here to help and keep this a friendly community site and the following will not be permitted – posts regarding political or religious views, sexuality any derogatory statements, ethnic views or profanity is not permitted.

Moderators/admins reserve the right to suspend, ban or delete members or posts at their discretion.

Auction bidders: if you have any questions/reservations regarding an item pm seller first prior to bidding once your bid is placed it cannot be undone and your are bound by that bid.

Timers run to ensure last final bid / highest value is the auction winner.
If you are the winning bidder you must immediately contact the vendor and exchange details for delivery.

Payment is expected directly after the auction in order to guarantee shipment. You must supply screenshot/photo proof of payment within the maximum 24hrs allowed time to vendor from your winning bid /end of auction.
Failure to do so may result in you being banned from the site.
In the event of a dispute contact admin.

Sellers: please note timers are run on 24hr clocks ie: 8pm =20:00hrs.
Photos are mandatory for all items, and actual photos of shrimp being sold preferred.
Please be clear on your descriptions, payment terms, pickup etc.
All shipments must have DOA.
It is your responsibility to finalise transactions and ensure that buyers are satisfied in the event of a dispute refer to admin for adjudication.
So play nicely everybody as we are watching you.

Having said all that enjoy this free site for all Australian aquarists.


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